CD in four-panel digipak with stunning full-colour artwork printed in beautiful gloss on 320gsm board. 


Dicepeople's last album End Of Line hinted at a new direction for the band, moving on from their electronica roots and into more defined dark electro territory. This transition is fully realised with One From Many, featuring visceral vocals front and centre for the first time within a powerful soundscape of heavy beats, distorted synths, distressed guitars, broken music boxes and ethereal strings. One From Many opens the box to a provocative and otherworldly place, immersing you in your fears and dreams, and exposing you to the darkness and light within. 

"An album which, with moments of real magnificence, captivates and excites from beginning to end" - The RingMaster Review 

"It’s like opening Pandora’s Box and being taken away to an otherworldly place where fears and dreams come closer" - Peek-A-Boo 

“The perpetual twilight territory is full of shadows and uncertainty ... a dark club space in the deepest basement of an abandoned cathedral” - The Electricity Club 

"This is one interesting and unusual album, brimming with cyber-vibes and wonderfully executed" - Chain D.L.K.

Dicepeople - One From Many