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Image by Joel Drzycimski


Our Aim...

Music can truly save lives. Listening to and making it. From being a personal escape, bringing people together, giving someone a purpose or simply the only way someone can truly express themselves. Being in a band, watching bands, writing music or putting on your favourite album. These things are precious. And a lot of people don't have the access to the tools to make this happen. This is why I launched Re-Amp.

The missions is two fold: get musical instruments and equipment in to the hands of people that don't have them, especially the younger generation. And as an environmental bonus, give that old amp or guitar a second life instead of  it ending up unused, left in a flight case somewhere or worse, on the scrap heap. 


It came from an idea of mine when I was looking to donate some of my unused gear to a local community project, youth centre or simply finding someone that might need it. Not only was there no process in place to find out who needed these items and how to get them to them, but I realised that all the musicians  I know had unused gear knocking about, and if I centralised the process I can get this stuff to kids and community programs who desperately want to learn, play and chase their own rock n roll dream.

The Plan...

We source donations, old equipment and instruments, and in some cases brand new stuff. We find the people that need them most. Making connections with youth programs, schools and charities gives us an even further reach. If we can help someone get one step closer to their dream then mission accomplished.

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